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Geigenbau Jacobi

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About us

Andreas Jacobi was born on the 1th of June in 1968 in Cologne/ Germany.

My shop is specialized in the repair of old, rare instruments with worm damages, demaged archings or similar injuries using the Inlay-technique since 1999. The Technique is a patent applied for myself.- So I could do it as a service for musicians or collegues.
Since some years I can collect the data with a 3d Scanner system.

In order to treat sensitive and rare instruments with the respect and attention they deserve a professional approach is irreplacable in terms of restoration repair and preservation. For this I only use first rate materials and tools and combine them with the precission that arrises from long experience when it comes to (the art of) processing workmanship. Due to these standards I am able to give high-quality advice that is matched to the individual instrument including service, care and sound adjustment, always having the ambition to achieve the best tonal quality possible.

Products and services

Our Violin shop in Geisenheim/near Frankfurt Germany, founded in 1997, provides professional services — violin, viola, violoncello and double-bass, bow repair & restauration, selling of fine stringed instruments.

You are welcome to visit our shop or visit us while the music fare, we could also sent you instruments or bows in different ways.

fine violins and bows

fine violins and bows

In our shop we stock and maintain a wide range of instruments and bows, from instruments for beginners to instruments for professional musicians. From very old, historical instruments to well done new made instruments.
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Inlay Technique - restoration of stringed instruments

Inlay Technique - restoration of stringed instruments

Worm holes, damaged areas and edges should be repaired? Using our Inlay Technique! I Scan the object with a high resolution laser technology or 3d-Camera system. Then we make a perfect patch for your instrument. Data is carefully processed and a “ready to glue” inlay created from wood that matches the original in age and structure. The process is a stepwise countersinking technique. It preserves as much as possible of the original substance.

Milo Stamm - Ponticelli bridges

Milo Stamm - Ponticelli bridges

Milo Stamm bridges for Violin, Viola, Cello
Come to us and choose from a wide range of different bridges !
In Standard - Premium - Royal


Geigenbau Jacobi
Bischof-Blum-Platz 9
65366 Geisenheim

Phone: +49 179 6808605
Fax: +49 6722 971984

Andreas Jacobi
Master of violin making
Phone: +49 179 6808605

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