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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Johann Sebastian BachThe Sacred Vocal Works Complete Edition in 23 volumes

Complete sacred vocal works published by Carus at the conclusion of the Bach vocal editorial project in a high-quality complete edition For study and performance: the authoritative Urtext of the Stuttgart Bach Edition Individual volumes edited by internationally-recognized Bach experts...

Exhibitor: Carus-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

carus plus Practice aids for choir singers

Practicing within the context of the complete choral and orchestral texture provides a particular motivation for choral singers. Innovative practice aids from Carus, available as CD (Carus Choir Coach) or app (carus music), offer ideal support and help choral singers to quickly learn new...

Exhibitor: Carus-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Accessories for String instruments

Doerfler Bow Case different colours for violin / viola / Cello and Double bass bows

Exhibitor: Doerfler GmbH

GEWA Air Cello Cases

GEWA Air Cello cases are innovative, lightweight with a striking visual appearance. Manufactured in our workshop in Adorf/Vgtl. by our highly skilled team of craftsmen it carries the label “Made in Germany”. The bridge curve of the case is protected by an unobtrusive yet highly effective...

Exhibitor: GEWA music GmbH

Henle Library App

Henle Library is an indispensable app for performers, students and teachers, combining the publishing heritage of G. Henle Verlag with the latest technology. Get instant access to the music you purchase Download single parts from individual works Get exclusive fingerings and bowings...

Exhibitor: G. Henle Verlag

New recipe of the old violin varnish.

New recipe of the old varnish... Our handcrafted instruments in the style of old masters. After many years of experimentation Master Laubach has developed innovative old varnish formulas with an exceptional aesthetic appeal. An important criterion for us is the high assessment of professional...

Exhibitor: LAUBACH Stringed Instruments, Bows & Rosin

LAUBACH Bows for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

LAUBACH Bows for violin, viola, cello and double bass. Laubach bows for stringed instruments are made by attention to detail. The quality of processed timber plays a crucial role. Only selected Pernambuco wood is used in the making of our bows. Weight, balance, shape of the head or the frog can...

Exhibitor: LAUBACH Stringed Instruments, Bows & Rosin

Laubach`s GOLD ROSIN - top quality for professionals! World's best musicians play with our GOLD ROSIN !

Laubach violin and viola gold rosin is made from natural resin which makes the sound characterful, bright, pure and gentle. For the production of exclusive rosin which gets casted entirely by hand, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients. This rosin is immune to changes in humidity...

Exhibitor: LAUBACH Stringed Instruments, Bows & Rosin

Worldpremiere - Niendorf 275 meets Jörg Demus

For the very first time in the 120-year-old history of Niendorf, we included the concert grand piano 275 into our series. Together with experts, musicians, supporters and the international star of the piano world – Jörg Demus – we are going to inaugurate and celebrate the first...

Exhibitor: Niendorf Flügel-und Klavierfabrik GmbH

New series – Niendorf & Hemprich

Next to our exclusive Niendorf series, which is 100% Handmade in Germany, we finished our new series Niendorf & Hemprich this year, in 2017. Models 123 and 145 will be introduced and exhibited at Music China 2017. Like Niendorf, the brand Niendorf & Hemprich has a long history and was...

Exhibitor: Niendorf Flügel-und Klavierfabrik GmbH

BELLESTA - Glockenspiel with wood resonators

The Bellesta fascinates with its elegant, clear and unmistakable tone. • Damper pedal: Schiedmayer-damping system Not depressed = Damping Reverse damping by request • Resonators: Selected beech wood • Frame: Adjustable to 80 – 95 cm • Standard tuning: A = 442 Hz, other tunings by request •...

Exhibitor: Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH

A new, old tonality: Sordino®

In the first third of the nineteenth century, Sordino used to be a standard feature on all grands made e. g. by the piano companies Graf (Vienna) and Erard (Paris). Thanks to a suggestion from the pianist Jura Margulis, Steingraeber has now reintroduced this feature as pedal* or knee lever. A...

Exhibitor: Steingraeber & Söhne KG

The „Mozart Rail“: Adjustable key dip from 8-10 mm

Steingraeber published the Mozart Rail ® in autumn 2014. It reduces the touch depth in grand pianos down to 8 mm and hammer distance to the strings down to 36 mm. This makes softer pppp playing and faster repetition possible. The key-dip became deeper and deeper through three hundred...

Exhibitor: Steingraeber & Söhne KG

Soundboard Transducers - A New Form of Artistic Application

The use of electronics for pianos is “old hat”. Yet electronics have rarely served artistic and creative expression, if at all. They have mainly to do with muting, “player pianos” or pop music, which booms out of the soundboard of late. Electronics offer a multitude of...

Exhibitor: Steingraeber & Söhne KG


17 keys 6 rings ABS body ergonomically optimized design adjustable ergonomic thumbrest 2 grenadill-barrels leather pads silver plated keywork ESM mouthpiece Vandoren reed Rovner ligature comfortable case.

Exhibitor: F.Arthur Uebel GmbH


18 keys 6 rings well chosen seasoned Grenadilla wood ergonomically optimized design undercut tone holes Eb lever “Superior II” bore 2 barrels adjustable ergonomic thumbrest massive carbon rings LP-Gore ® pads silver plated keywork inlaid...

Exhibitor: F.Arthur Uebel GmbH

Bb Clarinet

18 keys 6 rings well chosen seasoned Grenadilla wood Eb lever “Excellence” bore 2 barrels adjustable ergonomic thumbrest LP-Gore ® pads undercut tone holes - silver plated keywork inlaid Sterling-silver signet Vandoren mouthpiece BD5 Vandoren...

Exhibitor: F.Arthur Uebel GmbH

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