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Founded in 1887 by Karl Höfner, a master violin maker from Schönbach, Bohemia, the company expanded to become the largest manufacturer in Germany of stringed instruments and guitars.

High quality instruments from Höfner were exported
throughout the world. Further expansion and development, guided by Josef and Walter Höfner, took place in the 1950s when the business moved to Bubenreuth in Bavaria.

The Violin Bass was designed in 1956 by Walter. It would become one of the world’s iconic guitars after Paul McCartney purchased one in Hamburg in 1961.

Moving to a new production facility at Hagenau in 1997 Höfner has continued with its long history of development and innovation and still produces fine quality, hand crafted classical, jazz and bass guitars. World famous for our iconic guitars we look forward to creating new ideas for the modern guitar and bass player.

Products and services

Whether you are a classical, steel string, electric or bass player Höfner has over 130 years of experience of quality craftmanship to bring you the best instrument for your budget.

Our range of classical guitars, most of which are handmade in Germany, have been providing students and professionals unrivalled quality, tone and playability for over 80 years.

With keen prices that are hard to match these make the perfect guitars for everyone.

Our first electric guitars appeared in the early 1950s, classic archtop guitars fitted with a pickup. Since then we have developed and continue to build world class electric models such as the Verithin, President, Jazzica and more.

Our electrics are used throughout the world by top name artists who appreciate Höfner tone and Höfner quality.

To own and play a Höfner is to become part of the Höfner family. You will find fellow players across the world who understand that you have a special instrument, one that sets you apart from the crowd, one that makes you a Höfner player.

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