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With great devotion to artisanship, we have been crafting vertical and grand pianos since 1896 – each of them a custom piece and icon of true artisanship Made in Luckenwalde.

Niendorf is two things first and foremost: Personality and Passion. The manufacturing reflects these two as much as you, as the proud owner, do yourself. Together with the keyboard’s ease-of-play, it’s the warm, full, romantic sound that captivates our clients time and again, and immediately fills you with a sense of contentment.

Vertical or grand – any instrument we make will always take your own personal wishes into account. Specific components and materials or colour schemes and veneers, we will get you what you want.

All of our Niendorf instruments are guaranteed highest quality Made in Germany, a standard reflected in the instruments’ long life and perfect sound. Niendorf pianos are suitable both for beginners and advanced players all the way up to professional pianists and virtuosos.

Products and services

Niendorf manufactures two upright piano models at this moment, models 118 and 123. At the end of the year, we will also proudly present our new concert upright piano 135.

In addition, we produce four grand piano models - baby grand 145, salon grand 172, semi-concert grand 227 and the recently constructed concert grand 275. The latter one was being inaugurated by the famous Austrian pianist Jörg Demus in September 2017.

At music China, we present a fine selection of upright and grand pianos, which demonstrates our skill and passion for the instrument. You will find traditional models - black polished -, but also beautifully polished veneer designs and our brand new solid wood case series. All of these models have one thing in common:

They are products of passionate and professional manufacturing processes - 100% Handmade in Germany -, each piano being an unique musical piece of art.

Niendorf Model 123, walnut high polished

Our largest vertical piano so far delights our clients with its outstanding playability and design. Skilled Niendorf carpenters cut and attach the fine veneer layers in careful handwork, creating beautiful designs and making it an individual and outstanding piece of art. The choice of wood veneer is all up to the customer and his personal desires. We are known for making everything possible in order to create YOUR perfect piano!

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Niendorf Model 145, black matt

Our Niendorf baby grand continues a long tradition. The work performed in designing it in 1985 and the level of quality received great appreciation in form of a gold medal from Leipziger Messe.
Today, the design is still popular with our clients. Its compact size makes it ideal for use where space is limited but is never of detriment to a full-bodied, rich sound. Quite the contrary! This grand piano is the ideal choice for your own home. Fulfil your dream of having your own grand piano.

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Niendorf Model 275, black high polished

The latest addition to our grand piano range was off travelling the globe almost straight away to show itself to the world for the first time in more than 120 years of Niendorf history. 29-year-old master piano maker Friedmar Lohöfener spent an intense thirteen months designing it. Thanks to the support of a passionate and highly skilled team, we were able to build the instrument in only five months. It was presented for the first time on September 7, 2017 by Jörg Demus.

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News & Innovations

NEW - unique Niendorf solid wood case upright pianos

In April 2018, we introduced our new solid wood case pianos at Musikmesse Frankfurt. It was a great success! People haven´t seen this kind of design before and appreciated its uniqueness.

If pine brushed & oiled or oak bleached & oiled in Scandinavian country house style. Matching your furnishings at home, you can choose between different kinds of wood, which are individually and lovingly hand-crafted here in the Niendorf manufacture in Luckenwalde/Germany.

These pianos do not only inspire and impress people everywhere with their design. The rich and full sound of our upright piano models is even additionally intensified by the solid piano cases. Its oiled surface appears especially attractive as it highlights the special character of the soft and comfortable haptic.

The best thing about it: The piano case is completely biologically degradable, which makes it ecologically valuable!

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