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Educational Instruments for Orff-Schulwerk in Kindergarten, School, Special Education, Music School, Therapy and Family.

Xylophones, Glockenspiel, Resonator Bars, several Skin Instruments, Hand Percussion.

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Alto Xylophone AX 2000

Alto Xylophone with Rosewood bars, c2-a3, harmonious overtone tuning, flexible pin, resonance box made of 12 mm solid pine, multiple resonance chambers for excellent sound quality, attached handles for carrying ease, textile coated bar seating for Lasting durability.

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Soprano Glockenspiel chromatic SGc

Highest Quality and craftmanship. Interchangeable silver-plated bars made from Special alloyed steel, which creates clear, powerful and sustaining Sound. Resonance box of solid pine.

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Contrabass resonator bar No. 1 tone C

STUDIO 49 Resonator bars are well-suited for a variety of uses and offer limitless possibilities in any Setting. Highest quality contrabass resonator bar. Accoustically accurate resonance chambers made of 12 mm solid pine with integrated handles. Harmonious overtone tuning.

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STUDIO49 Musikinstrumentenbau GmbH
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Bernd Becker-Ehmck
General Manager
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News & Innovations

Resonator Bars SAM

Tuned resonance chambers made of high-quality aluminium for a full and long-standing sound.

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Xylophones Series 1000SXG

Xylophones with undestructible bars with the sound of a premium wood and the advantage for constant pitch over its lifetime and in changing climates.

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