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STEFFES & SCHULZ has the vision to develop a new manufacturing template. Combine German craftsmanship with ultra-modern high quality manufacturing, creating better sound and touch.

About us

STEFFES & SCHULZ GmbH founded in 2015 by Frederik Steffes and Christoph Schulz. After decades of leadership in the German piano industry, a vision was born to lead through the changes in the modern world by know-how and a value-based life. 
While mainly big corporations take advantage of globalisation, small enterprises usually struggle. Big brands often serve themselves, while we want to use the global market fearlessly to our advantage. We follow our ideas to merge modern industrial methods with craftsmanship in the best German tradition. 
S & S has developed a manufacturing template that produces precise components for 100% accuracy in assembly. This guarantees high quality, minimal production time and a refined fit in our assembly factory in Mainz, Germany.  
Our areas of business cover R&D, Design, Consultancy, Distribution and Franchising. This gives us a big impact and a wide range of expertise. Our pianos have already been sold more than 10,000 times, in Germany and world-wide. 

Steffes & Schulz GmbH
Muehlgasse 11–13
65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 611 992240
Fax: +49 611 9922440

Products and services

Distribution sales: 
Gebr. Schulz
Piano Construction Kits

Product Development 
Manufacturing process 
Business Concept 

Gebr. Schulz
Partner for the Piano industry worldwide

STEFFES & SCHULZ is the Partner for the Piano industry worldwide and secures its success and profitability in the 21st century.

We support existing producers in enhancing their product portfolio and making their production more efficient and we enable wholesalers and dealers to create own brands and production lines.

At all time we focus on reducing setup cost, thereby reducing risks, and improving product quality, thereby increasing competitive advantage - for you, our customers!

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