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Steingraeber has been making pianos in the music city of Bayreuth since 1852. The employees of this family owned business produce top quality, handcrafted instruments.

About us

Steingraeber & Söhne has been making uprights and grand pianos in the Wagner Festival city of Bayreuth since 1852.

At present, the family owned business has thirty-five employees who produce top quality, handcrafted instruments on a daily basis.

Advancements in the construction of world-class instruments are the result of the continuous desire to innovate.

Internationally recognized artists play Steingraeber pianos, which are regularly crowned with prizes throughout the world.

Udo Steingraeber represents the sixth generation of Steingraeber piano builders. He has led the company since 1980.

Steingraeber & Söhne
Friedrichstr: 2
95444 Bayreuth

Phone: +49 921 64049

Steingraeber Instrument (China) Ltd.
3 Fl. Punan lu 18# Huangpu Qu
510765 Guangzhou
P.R. China

Phone: +86 1390 2304416

Products and Services

Steingraeber is presenting a wide range of handcrafted pianos at booth E1F12 - from concert grand pianos to house concert pianos.

A transducer grand piano represents the latest innovation: It allows composing and making music on up to three sound levels.

The sounds are generated directly in the soundboard by means of "transducers", without any mechanical friction losses.

You can switch to 100 percent electronic sounds of any kind with a hammer stop ... and piano music in all pitches and moods!

Steingraeber Concert Grand E

Many pianists praise it as being one of the most distinctive and outstanding instruments on the market today. At the latest test of eleven concert grand pianos from all of the top manufacturers, Le Monde de la Musique (Paris) wrote that “… these days it would be hard to find a better instrument for interpreting Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.”

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D-232: Semi-Concert Grand Piano

At Steingraeber we think of the D-232 Semi-Concert Grand as the brother of the E-272 concert grand. Its sound reflection zones, symmetrical shape, and tightly-controlled soundboard area all give rise to an exceptional cantabile sound and wide-ranging dynamic control from the most quiet pppp to the most energetic ffff.

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138 K: Our Biggest Upright

This concert upright is the acoustic equivalent of a 180cm (6ft.) long salon grand piano, awarded ‘Best in the World’ in Paris. Universities, small concert halls, and churches alike use them in place of a grand piano.

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News & Innovations

Sordino®: A New, Old Tonality

Sordino was a common feature of grand pianos manufactured in the first third of the 19th century by Graf in Vienna and Erard in Paris.

Today Steingraeber is able to offer this feature once again in the form of a pedal, thanks to the inspiration of pianist Jura Margulis.

A thin strip of felt slides horizontally between the hammer and the string allowing modification of tone as well as articulation of refined dynamics such as, for example, the "fp" found in Franz Schubert's notation.

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Mozart Rail ®

The Steingraeber Mozart Rail enables variable adjustment to the depth of play.

Within the space of 250 years the key dip on grand pianos doubled from less than 5mm to more than 10mm!

This Steingraeber invention allows the playing depth to be varied between 8.0mm and 10.3mm as desired, making authentic interpretations of Viennese classical through to romantic repertoires much easier. Why not give it a try.

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Transducer Grand Piano

A Steingraeber Transducer Grand Piano is much more than just a self-playing piano. It enables you to compose and make music on up to three levels simultaneously: Live acoustic PLUS live electronic PLUS record function.

Electronic sound is played back without mechanically induced signal loss by means of transducers which are placed directly on the piano's soundboard.

With a simple switch of the hammer stop changing sound worlds couldn't be easier, transporting you from the richness of a fully acoustic Steingraeber piano to electronic sounds of any kind, and even to pianos in all pitches and temperaments!

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