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Alfred Jahn GmbH & Co. KG - Pianoteile We supply self-employed piano and musical instrument technicians, repair workshops, piano manufacturers, and piano and music shops.

About us

International wholesale company for piano parts, - tools, and maintaining assessoires. We supply self-employed piano and musical instrument technicians, repair workshops and manufacturers of upright and grand pianos, as well as specialized piano and music shops. We also supply historical keyboard manufacturers, workshops and museums.

Alfred Jahn
Coburger Str. 43
96271 Grub am Forst

Phone: +49 9560 98120
Fax: +49 9560 1734

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Alfred Jahn GmbH & Co. KG
Phone: +49 (0) 95609812-0

Products and Services

We supply in high quality all parts for upright and grand piano: Soundboard wood - pinblock: Strunz - Bolduc Steel wirs: Roeslau -Pitthan - Paulello. Tuning pins: Klinke - Diamant - Biene - Denro. Felts: VfG - Wurzen - Laoureux, Hammerheads: Abel - Renner. Key covers All special tools for piano: stringing - voicing - tuning - repairing - regulating. Maintaining equipment: piano benches - lamps -, Clime control devices - Dampp Chaser - Piano life Saver Highend concert castors and castor cups - transport systems.
Optimized balance washers, OBW

Every action will improve using the OBW’s because of the more defined pivoting point of the key.
The OBW comes in the place of the “normal” felt balancerail washer.
To replace the felt balancerail washers by OBW’s there is a very simple tool, an OBW slider with the help of which you can find the average pivoting point of the key.

Voicing pliers

Extend your voicing capabilities. The JAHN voicing pliers equips you to achieve the full dynamic potential of a set of hammers.
Weak sections can be strengthened and transition areas or breaks in the tonal spectrum evened out. This is obtained by 'activating' the deeper felt layers which cannot be reached by conventional needling.

Mario Igrec, Pianos Inside Out

The book takes an indepth look at the history, design, and maintenance of the piano, and provides practical guidance to anyone who wants to learn how to tune, repair, regulate, voice, rebuild, or improve the action performance of pianos. The book offers a coherent, unified view of the advancements of the last 30 years.
The book is full of clear, concise, step-by-step instructions, and more than 700 illustrations and diagrams.

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