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Characteristics of Musik und Tanz für Kinder

  • l  The first set of courses for children's personal development in German and Austria region

In the 1970s, new ideas of education came into being, and the first set of systematic curriculum of "child-centered" in German and Austria region was established. It promotes the development of children's ability in music and dance, thought and ideology, physical function and emotional and social communication

  • l  30 years of exclusive authorization in Chinese-speaking world

After five times of upgrading and revision, the course has been translated into many languages for global use. In 2016, it was landed in China.

  • l  Top international research team with 180 years of teaching experience in total

The course is led by two heads of the Faculty of Music and Dance education at the Carl Orff College of the National University of Music and Performing Arts, Salzburg, Austria. Since its establishment in 1961, Orff college has shouldered the important mission of the initiation music education for preschool children.

Exhibitor: Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG