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Introduction of Musik und Tanz für Kinder

About this Tutorial

This tutorial was developed by experts at the Faculty of Music and Dance education at the Carl Orff College of the National University of Music and Performing Arts, Salzburg, Austria. Since the founding of the College in 1961, the college has shouldered the mission of education of music and dance for preschool children, and has compiled this tutorial on the basis of decades of teaching experience.

The music cat and its companions have been accompanying many children on their musical study path. The Chinese version of "Musik und Tanz für Kinder" also continued the German original successful concept of children's music education. MUT International Education use suitable methods for Chinese children's education combined with the most professional teaching materials and teachers, spreading this tutorial to all over China.

Course Structure

"Musik und Tanz für Kinder" has divided the basic contents of early childhood music education into the following six aspects.

v  Singing and language;

v  Movement and dance;

v  Music Appreciation;

v  Enlightenment musical instrument playing and simple instrument making;

v  Identification of different instruments;

v  Experience music .

Each teaching step of "Musik und Tanz für Kinder" must be mutually perfect, mutually flexible infiltrated. The teaching objectives of each class will be strongly interlinked with all the teaching contents, and teachers will complete each course based on the ability of the children and form a rigorous teaching system.

Form of course

The entire course is based on a guided music game. It enables children to consciously join the chorus, musical instruments’ play, conversation, dance and activities, awakening the children's imagination and creativity. Children will build up a wide range of competencies, such as musical, dancing, spiritual, sensory, coordinating, emotional and teamwork skills.

Exhibitor: Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG