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Course content

This tutorial provides children with teaching content for two academic years. The content of each school year is complete and self-contained. The purpose of this tutorial is to promote children's abilities in music and dance, spirituality and thought, bodily functions and emotional and social interactions, and to help them to lay a solid foundation in those areas. The teaching process and content of the course are individualized in order to meet the needs and abilities of each child, helping the children to build a sense of teamwork and better adapt to their living environment.

The first semester:

Everything is new, the classrooms, teachers, friends, and musical instruments. The teacher guides the children to learn skills in the circle structure and help them to make new friends quickly. Teachers with rich teaching experience in music leads the musical cat sings, plays and dances with the children in the safe and specific sites. Teachers discover the interests of the children by doing games together, and train their specific abilities through the play, and let the children get full development.

The second semester:

Children can learn more songs and dance in this semester, and also they can have a better grasp of the beat. Children will be better able to experience and observe the various characteristics of music in more instrumental games, and understand that the elements of music can be expressed with appropriate symbols, such as forte and piano, long and short notes, treble and bass and so on.

The third semester:

In Tamukinder, children have learned the easy way to record rhythm systematically. Regular rhythm and music practice exercise children's hearing and other musical abilities. The music games will become more complex, the rhythm will become more accurate, and children’s ability of physical coordination will be further improved. Children will gain independent consciousness of movement and dance in the free-play games.

The fourth semester:

All the lessons are deepened and expanded more than before. Knowledge about music and all the other aspects will be supplemented in an unprecedented way. Fantasy stories and fairy tales are presented in the form of stage and musical performances. Children will be more accurate in exploring and learning the complete notation method, and be able to record shorter melodies and mark pitches. Children will be able to grasp the the upper and lower scale flexibly through this semester.

Exhibitor: Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG